Architecture of Being

by michelle beltran

Make your Identity Visible to build your Dream Life.

Online Workshop from Paris, France

Does it sound familiar?

► Do you dream of realizing many inspiring things but feel lost and then get stuck?
Do you buy 1001 outfits and never feel satisfied with the image you project?
Do you have the feeling to not be fulfilled in your current relationships? 

What if I told you that

and that I can help you UNVEIL THEM AND DECIPHER THEM...

Guiding you to

(re)connect with your essence, with your true identity

to reveal it to the world and build your dream life

I invite you to


 Just like you, colors are a subtle, fascinating and unique Universe.

Come to discover in "petit comité" :

The Impact of colors in your life to make your dreams possible

How colors are organized and harmonized with each other, in Nature and thus in You.

How to choose the colors that amplify naturally your beauty and energy

What colors can change in you and your relationships to others

What the colors that suit you say about your own unique personality and talents

And much more!

Next Online Workshop Date to be confirmed

Directly from Paris, I will be your host via ZOOM,
Sharing together with a very small and exclusive group,
The magic of colors, and how this can take shape in your life!

I will only need for you to send me a picture with you previously to to the workshop.
Once you've booked your place, you will receive all precise instructions.

 If you are interested in participating in the next workshop, just let me know here below:

this workshop is definetly for you !

Si realmente quieres mostrarte como  la persona que sabes que eres verdaderamente,
hacer visible tu identidad con toda tu autenticidad y darle forma a todo tu potencial.

Marc M.


I found much more than answers and advice, I found a real extension of myself.

I made an appointment with her because her journey was pledged of skills and finesse.  I was touched by her warm welcoming, attentive, gentle and really implicated.

Then, we talked, and tried various colors, textures and shapes until we found the ones that reflected who I am, the ones the regenerate my energy, and all under a multitude of nuances.

Her consulting was at the same time extremely precise and pleasant. 

Since the,, my wardrobe has been evolving, but also my interior spaces and my website.

I found much more than answers and advice, I found a real extension of myself.

I vividly invite you to contact and work with her.

Rania A.

Marketing Director

Michelle has a great talent: a real gift for colors and shapes...

We all know that some colors suit us well and some others are less flattering, without always having someone who helps us to know which ones. What we don’t always realize is that some colors are reenergizing and others less so… 
... It is then useful to seek professional guidance to feel better about ourselves and our environment. This is the world Michelle introduced me to.
Michelle has a great talent: a real feeling for colors and shapes. She knows how to put this talent to good use by helping others and being attentive to their emotions. Her education as an architect, her artistic sensitivity and her empathy allow her to coach people in a gentle, but productive way, so that they can enhance their self-awareness and realize their full potential.

Clément L.

Business Agent

Michelle was able to provide me with the key elements to above all regain my self-confidence be aligned with my true self...

With true generosity and kindness, Michelle was able to provide me with not only all the key elements to reach my most professional image but above all, regain my self-confidence aligned with my true self and my commercial activity in constant contact with customers.

Working with her helped me understand the importance of choosing the right outfits to feel good about oneself and consequently with others in any context or situation.

What is more I will finally be able to make thoughtful shopping, save money and gain time.

I sincerely recommend Michelle's coaching and I thank her again for everything !

Next Online Workshop Date to be confirmed

Don't wait any longer to:

Build your Dream Life
Make your identity and natural beauty visible
Harmonize your relationships

And so much more!

   Si te interesa participar en un próximo taller, házmelo saber para que te informe inmediatamente!

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With kind regards,  Michelle